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Use our online services to book appointments and order repeat prescriptionsSystmOnline Patient Services

Patients of Riverside Surgery can now book, cancel and rebook appointments online, and also order repeat prescriptions securely using 'SystmOnline' a web-based module provided by our computer system supplier TPP.

You will need to register at the Practice for using the system when you will be supplied with a username and first password (which you can then update after first log-in).

click here to access the system once you have obtained your username and password (this will open the online module in a new browser tab or window).

There is a short guide to registering and using SystmOnline below. A more in-depth user guide can be found here.

Registering for SystmOnline

The registration is simple - but for security we will need you to come into the Practice with some proof of ID before we give you a username and first password.  Acceptable ID is a photo driving licence or a passport.

Parents will be able to have a username and password for their children (under 14 years). Similarly, carers of people with disabilities will be able to take a username and password for them. The forms can be found below:

  1. SystmOnline Application form - Adult
  2. SystmOnline Application form - under 14

Logging in to SystmOnline

Once a member of staff has given you a user name and a random password, wait an hour before trying to log in to the SystmOnline web module.

Enter your user name and password and click 'Login'. You will then see the SystmOnline Home Page, which shows your details.

You can navigate to all the online services from here, and can return to the Home Page by clicking 'Home' in the blue menu bar, or by clicking the 'Back' button on any page.

Logging out of SystmOnline

To log out:

1. Click the Logout link on the Home Page or the Logout button on the main menu bar.
2. Close your Internet browser.

Note: The SystmOnline website will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity. Type in your user name and password to log back in.

Patient and practice benefit

Online access to appointment booking and repeat prescription ordering not only saves both time and money for the practice, but also allows reception staff to focus on other key areas and provide a better service to patients. The service has benefits for patients without internet access too - online booking system means that less people will be ringing the surgery, so it makes the practice more accessible over the phone.

The service has proved particularly popular with busy commuters, the elderly and people with disabilities. Families with young children are welcoming the service, as children often become ill at night, and parents can put their minds at rest by booking an appointment straightaway. Then if the child feels better in the morning, the appointment can be cancelled just as easily.

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